Fly Faast offers an Air Ambulance Service which is a specialized medical transportation service that provides emergency medical care and transportation to critically ill or injured individuals using aircraft, typically helicopters or fixed-wing airplanes. These services are designed to quickly and efficiently transport patients from the scene of an emergency or a medical facility to a more suitable medical facility equipped to handle their specific medical needs.

Key features of an Air Ambulance Service by Fly Faast:


Medical Expertise

Air Ambulance Services are staffed by highly trained medical professionals including doctors, paramedics, and nurses, who are experienced in providing critical care during transportation. They are equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies and can stabilize and treat patients while in flight.


Rapid Response

Air Ambulance Services offer rapid response times, as they can quickly reach remote or hard-to-reach locations that may be inaccessible by road. This speed is crucial in situations where every minute counts, such as in severe trauma cases or medical emergencies.


Aircraft Types

Air Ambulance aircraft can be either helicopters or fixed-wing airplanes, depending on the distance and specific medical requirements of the patient. Helicopters are commonly used for short-distance transports within a region, while fixed-wing airplanes are used for longer distances, including intercontinental flights.


Equipped for Medical Care

The aircraft used in Air Ambulance Services are equipped with medical equipment and supplies necessary to provide critical care during transportation. This includes advanced life support equipment, monitoring devices, and medications.


Inter-Hospital Transfers

Air Ambulance Services often conduct inter-hospital transfers, where patients are moved from one medical facility to another for specialized treatment not available at the initial location.


Coordination with Ground Services:

Air Ambulance Services work in coordination with ground based emergency medical services (EMS) to ensure seamless patient care. They may transfer patients directly from the scene of an accident or rendezvous with ground EMS teams at designated landing zones.


Medical Escort Services

Some Air Ambulance providers also offer medical escort services, where medical professionals accompany patients on commercial flights to ensure their medical needs are met during travel.

It's important to note that Air Ambulance Services are typically privately operated and can be costly, especially if international flights are involved. However, for patients in critical condition or those requiring specialized medical care at distant facilities, air ambulance transport can be life-saving and is often deemed necessary.


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